Advice for a Craft Beer Newbie: The Complete Series!

Over the past two weeks, I joined a collection of Mid-Atlantic beer bloggers to share our insight into what kind of advice we would pass along to someone starting a journey into craft beer. The results were a lot of fun.

My advice – to live fully – can be read here.

Everyone put a lot of effort into the project, so I wanted to highlight these posts once again and encourage you to check them out:
  • Doug from Baltimore Bistros and Beer – Craft
  • Jake from Hipster Brewfus – Patience
  • Oliver from Literature and Libation – Reciprocate
  • Andrew from Das Ale Haus – Drink
  • Josh from Short on Beer – Journey
  • Liz from Naptown Pint – Relax
  • Sean from BrewKeep – You


Programming note: I’ve got a new layout for the blog, one that I hope will appear cleaner and offer better use of photos and content. I haven’t changed the look of my blog in a couple years, so a little upkeep will do me good. Hopefully you, too.

Thanks again for sharing in this blog with me and joining my journey through beer.

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