The Six-Pack Project Returns, Sort Of

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The Internet is forever!

Nothing ever really dies on the World Wide Web, I suppose, so even a couple years after the last entry in The Six-Pack Project, its memory lives on. The archive for the effort, which highlights a six-pack of a city, state or region’s native brews that best represent what that beer culture offers, has remained live on this site and recently attracted a little attention from fellow writers.

Long live The Six-Pack Project!

I’m thrilled that others wanted to pick up the torch and invite all you fellow readers to join, if you so like. Given the constant change in the beer industry – new breweries and new brands all the time – one of the exciting things about The Six-Pack Project was its natural aspect of evolution. Check out the page, read the “rules” and see how you can get involved.

In the meantime, we’ve got a few recent entries to highlight for some who wanted to get The Six-Pack Project fermenting again.


First, there’s an entry fit for our globe-hopping friends, as Reginald Eps supplies a selection of beer from the Netherlands. This is a collection after my heart: creative picks and quantitative reasoning. Charts! Beer! *Swoon*

If, for whatever reason, you’re terribly dismayed by what you should drink while visiting Amsterdam or elsewhere, Reginald has some wonderfully logical arguments for you. Several “dark” beers make the list – stouts and even a *gasp* black IPA – but it’s always exciting to find out about beers I never would have seen otherwise.

Check out Reginald’s picks here.


Back stateside, there were two contributions from writers in Ohio, reflecting on the bounty of choices that are now available in the Buckeye State compared to what was originally selected a few years ago.

Tom Aguero at BrewMinds completely turned over his original six selections, this time covering the Cincinnati/Dayton market rather than the entire state. That speaks more what three years means in the beer industry (kind of like dog years, I guess) than his overall preference for the great beers he picked the first time around.

His 2013 list featured recognizable picks from recognizable breweries like Great Lakes, Hoppin’ Frog and Fat Heads. How we’ve got Cellar Dweller, Warped Wing and Yellow Springs? At least Ohio is creative with their names. Best of all, only one IPA!

Luckily Rhinegeist and MadTree – two breweries I’ve enjoyed – make the list. They both do excellent work.

Read Tom’s picks here.

The state is also represented by’s Rick Armon, who sticks it to Tom by including Great Lakes and Hoppin’ Frog in his list, which is focused on Northeast Ohio. Rick even included some reader suggestions, who double down on the Best of the Best beers from that portion of the state.

See Rick’s picks here.

Get Involved

Want to join The Six-Pack Project? Everyone is welcome. Read up on the “rules” of the effort here and then take to your own blog or Twitter to share with me. You can find my contact me via email or at @bryandroth.

Bryan Roth
“Don’t drink to get drunk. Drink to enjoy life.” — Jack Kerouac


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