It’s All Over: December 2014 Beertography


A year ago, I made a New Year’s resolution to create a monthly beertography roundup as an effort to push my creative boundaries. Here we are, with the 12th part of the series.

With the end of December quickly approaching, it’s time for my regular roundup of beertography.

Below you’ll find some of my recent photos, which you may also come across on my Instagram page, Twitter account or even Untappd. If you like these, you can find all of my beertography on Instagram or in my running archive.

All my shots are taken with my iPhone 6 unless otherwise noted. Let’s see what December had to offer…

Mystery Brewing – This is December in North Carolina

mystery brewing-north carolina-hillsborough-beer-beertography

The Literal State of Beer: South Carolina

south carolina-beer-craft beer-beertography

NoDa Jam Session – We Jammin

noda brewing-noda-jam session-beer-craft beer-beertography

Goose Island The Ogden – Sun Setting on 2014

goose island-ogden-belgian-beer-craft beer-beertography

Anchor Brewing Anchor Steam – Shower Beer (shot with Nikon D90)

anchor steam-anchor brewing-beer-craft beer-beertography

Here’s hoping 2015 will be just as fruitful as the past year. I look forward to finding continued inspiration from others to test my own expectations. In the meantime, you can go back to see all previous beertography posts.

+Bryan Roth
“Don’t drink to get drunk. Drink to enjoy life.” — Jack Kerouac


7 thoughts on “It’s All Over: December 2014 Beertography

  1. I look forward to these posts every month. I vote The Literal State of Beer: South Carolina as my favorite.

    1. Thanks, Josh! Sometimes I feel like I’m running out of ideas, but I still find a way to squeeze out three or four options each month.

  2. The South Carolina one is good, but for some reason I’m leaning towards the Steam. Again, I think it’s the whimsy.

    1. Yeah, The way that one turned out, it may make my list of my top-10 beertographs.

      But best of all, there was very minor manipulation of the SC one. I tweaked the large bubbles only slightly to emphasize the heart. Otherwise, that’s the way it was.

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