The United States of Beer (According to Beer Advocate)

BA on US map as JPGIt’s all in the details.

Yesterday, we took a look at the styles of beer included in my mega list of top beers by state, according to Beer Advocate. Today, the full list of beers and breweries is unleashed.

While we know that IPAs, DIPAs and imperial stouts are all the rage, now it’s time to find out where all these big hitters are coming from. If you need a refresher how I came up with these lists, I recommend this explainer.

But before we start scrolling to find our particular states and what’s represented, let’s have some fun.

First, I’ve created a map that highlights the “best” brewery each state offers, per my Beer Advocate ranking system. That means that even if you love Pennsylvania’s Tired Hands Brewing and think they’re the best ever, they will not appear in any of this analysis because none of their beers made the cutoff for that state.

Again, I want to reiterate the goal here is to find some kind of middle-ground between what most people can acquire and rate. With this example, Tired Hands’ beers were all about 200 ratings or more below what I set as the cutoff for that state by averaging the list of PA’s “best” beers.

With that out of the way, here’s the United States of Beer, according to Beer Advocate:

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

A couple of these required tie breakers based on my own bias. Beer-soaked Colorado, for example, was a toss up, with Avery (2), Odell (2) and Great Divide (3) all featured more than once. In the end, I went with Great Divide but would have been OK with Odell as well.

On the flip side, a few states like New Hampshire had one brewery holding down all 10 spots. Congrats, Smuttynose.

If anything, this list was enlightening to me as a representation of what breweries to look for if I ever found myself in Nevada, Montana or New Mexico. I honestly had never heard of a few of these businesses before now.

Another interesting point to consider as you look over the state-by-state list below, which brings me back to yesterday’s post on state culture and personality of beer, is that on a whole, styles are interchangeable, but preferences may not be as flexible. An imperial stout in New Mexico may not play as well as one in New Jersey for a variety of reasons, some of which I’ll get to later this week.

Finally, you’ll notice the list below only contains the basic info on these beers, but that’s purposeful. Tomorrow we’ll go over ABV and what kind of inferences we can make from that information and eventually work our way to tie-ins with how people rate beers and even how geographical aspects like climate may have some kind of factor in our “best of” rankings.

So without further adieu, here are the top-10 beers for each state (and DC) with apologies to the people of North Dakota who only get seven. If you dare scroll all the way down, I encourage thoughts, comments and questions from readers near and far.

Let’s dissect this stuff:


Beer Name Brewery Style
Snake Handler Good People Brewing DIPA
Barrel-Aged Unobtanium Straight to Ale Old Ale
Coffee Oatmeal Stout Good People Brewing Stout
Peanut Butter Porter Beer Engineers Porter
Laika Straight to Ale RIS
Gorillanaut Straight to Ale DIPA
Spring Street Saison Avondale Brewing Saison
Monkeynaut Straight to Ale IPA
Brown Good People Brewing Brown Ale
IPA Good People Brewing IPA
Vanillaphant Porter Avondale Brewing Porter


Beer Name Brewery Style
A Deal with the Devil Anchorage Brewing Barleywine
Arctic Devil Barley Wine Midnight Sun Brewing Barleywine
Bar Fly Midnight Sun Brewing DIPA
Berserker Midnight Sun Brewing RIS
Bitter Monk Anchorage Brewing IPA
Love Buzz Anchorage Brewing Saison
Smoked Porter Alaskan Brewing Porter
Baltic Porter Alaskan Brewing Baltic Porter
Barley Wine Alaskan Brewing Barleywine
Moscow Midnight Sun Brewing RIS


Beer Name Brewery Style
Dragoon Dragoon Brewing IPA
Elsie’s IRISh Coffee Papago Brewing Milk Stout
Refuge Arizona Wildnerness Brewing IPA
Coconut Joe Papago Brewing Milk Stout
Hop Knot Four Peaks Brewing IPA
HopShock SanTan Brewing IPA
Pumpkin Ale BJ’s Restaurant Pumpkin Ale
Nimbus Old Monkeyshine Nimbus Brewing Strong Ale
El Robusto Papago Brewing Porter
Oude Zulpers Papago Brewing Tripel


Beer Name Brewery Style
Paradise Porter Diamond Bear Brewing Porter
Two Term Diamond Bear Brewing DIPA
IRISh Red Diamond Bear Brewing Red Ale
Pale Ale Diamond Bear Brewing Pale Ale
Presidential IPA Diamond Bear Brewing IPA
Southern Blonde Diamond Bear Brewing Pilsner
ESB Core Brewing ESB
Rockroberfest Diamond Bear Brewing Oktoberfest
Flaming Stone Boscos Restaurant Blonde
Oatmeal Stout Core Brewing Stout


Beer Name Brewery Style
Pliny the Younger Russian River DIPA
Pliny the Elder Russian River DIPA
Parabola Firestone Walker RIS
Supplication Russian River Wild Ale
Beatification Russian River Wild Ale
Black Tuesday The Bruery Imperial Stout
Chocolate Rain The Bruery Imperial Stout
Sucaba Firestone Walker Barleywine
Consecration Russian River Wild Ale
Nelson Alpine Beer IPA


Beer Name Brewery Style
Uncle Jacob’s Stout Avery Brewing Imperial Stout
Ten FIDY Oskar Blues RIS
Mycenary Odell Brewing DIPA
Le Terroir New Belgium Wild Ale
Odell IPA Odell Brewing IPA
Espresso Oak-Aged Yeti Great Divide Imperial Stout
Oak-Aged Yeti Great Divide RIS
La Folie New Belgium Flanders Red
Maharaja Avery Brewing DIPA
Chocolate Oak-Aged Yeti Great Divide Imperial Stout


Beer Name Brewery Style
Fuzzy Baby Ducks New England Brewing IPA
Gandhi-Bot New England Brewing DIPA
Supernaut New England Brewing IPA
Galaxy Pale Ale New England Brewing Pale Ale
Liberator Thomas Hooker Brewing Doppelbock
Imperial Stout Trooper New England Brewing RIS
Premeditated Murder New England Brewing Barleywine
Imperial Porter Thomas Hooker Brewing Baltic Porter
Gold Stock Ale New England Brewing IPA
Locust Reign New England Brewing DIPA


Beer Name Brewery Style
90 Minute Dogfish Head DIPA
Burton Baton Dogfish Head DIPA
World Wide Stout Dogfish Head Imerial Stout
Bitches Brew Dogfish Head Imperial Stout
Palo Santo Marron Dogfish Head Brown Ale
75 Minute Dogfish Head IPA
Indian Brown Ale Dogfish Head Brown Ale
60 Minute Dogfish Head IPA
120 Minute Dogfish Head DIPA
Olde School Dogfish Head Barleywine


Beer Name Brewery Style
Corruption DC Brau IPA
Public DC Brau Pale Ale
Penn Quarter DC Brau Porter
El Hefe Speaks DC Brau Hefeweizen
Citizen DC Brau Belgian Pale
Tradition DC Brau Blonde
Forbidden Planet Bluejacket Kolsch
Mexican Radio Bluejacket Milk Stout
Peppercorn Saison 3 Stars Saison


Beer Name Brewery Style
Barrel-aged Hunaphy Cigar City Imperial Stout
Hunaphu Cigar City Imperial Stout
Maple Bacon Coffee Porter Funky Buddha Porter
GOOD RareR DOS Peg’s Cantina-Cycle Brewing Imperial Stout
Last Snow Funky Buddha Porter
Marshal Zhukov Cigar City RIS
Barrel-aged Big Sound Cigar City Scotch Ale
Good Gourd Cigar City Pumpkin Ale
Jai Alai Cigar City IPA
White Oak Jai Alai Cigar City IPA


Beer Name Brewery Style
Coffee Oatmeal Stout Terrapin Imperial Stout
Cinnamon Roll’d WnB Terrapin Oatmeal Stout
Hopzilla Terrapin DIPA
Sweetwater IPA SweetWater IPA
Moo-Hoo Terrapin Milk Stout
Hi-5 IPA Terrapin IPA
Happy Ending SweetWater Imperial Stout
White Chocolate Moo-Hoo Terrapin Milk Stout
Festive Ale SweetWater Winter Warmer
Oaked Big Hoppy Monster Terrapin Red Ale


Beer Name Brewery Style
CoCoNut Porter Maui Brewing Porter
Pipeline Porter Kona Porter
Big Swell Maui Brewing IPA
Castaway Kona IPA
Koko Brown Kona Brown
Fire Rock Kona Pale Ale
Big Wave Kona Blonde
Mana Wheat Maui Brewing Wheat
Longboard Island Lager Kona Lager
Wailua Wheat Kona Wheat


Beer Name Brewery Style
Trout Hop Grand Teton Black Ale
Pursuit of Hoppiness Grand Teton Red Ale
XX Bitch Creek Grand Teton Brown Ale
Black Cauldron Grand Teton RIS
Lost Continent Grand Teton DIPA
Dogfather Laughing Dog Imperial Stout
Devil Dog Laughing Dog DIPA
Anubis Laughing Dog Porter
Sneaky Pete Laughing Dog DIPA
Bitch Creek Grand Teton Brown Ale


Beer Name Brewery Style
BCBS Coffee Goose Island Imperial Stout
BCBS Goose Island Imperial Stout
BCBS Barleywine Goose Island Barleywine
Citra Pipeworks Brewing DIPA
Galaxy Unicorn Pipeworks Brewing DIPA
Ninja vs Unicorn Pipeworks Brewing DIPA
Double Daisy Cutter Half Acre DIPA
Juliet Goose Island Wild Ale
Abduction Coffee Break Pipeworks Brewing Imperial Stout
Daisy Cutter Half Acre Pale Ale


Beer Name Brewery Style
Barrel-aged Vanilla Bean Dark Lord Three Floyds RIS
Zombie Dust Three Floyds Pale Ale
Permanent Funeral Three Floyds DIPA
Dreadnaught Three Floyds DIPA
Dark Lord Three Floyds RIS
Broo Doo Three Floyds IPA
Alpha King Three Floyds Pale Ale
Arctic Panzer Wolf Three Floyds DIPA
Apocolypse Cow Three Floyds DIPA
Behemoth Blonde Three Floyds Barleywine


Beer Name Brewery Style
Kentucky Brunch Toppling Goliath Imperial Stout
Mornin Delight Toppling Goliath Imperial Stout
King Sue Toppling Goliath DIPA
Assassian Toppling Goliath Imperial Stout
PseudoSue Toppling Goliath Pale Ale
Sosus Toppling Goliath DIPA
Golden Nugget Toppling Goliath IPA
Lightspeed Toppling Goliath Pale Ale
Redband Great River Stout
Naughty 90 Toppling Goliath IPA


Beer Name Brewery Style
Old Backus Free State Barleywine
Ethos Tallgrass Brewing IPA
Zombie Monkie Tallgrass Brewing Porter
Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat Tallgrass Brewing Milk Stout
Buffalo Sweat Tallgrass Brewing Milk Stout
Oasis Tallgrass Brewing ESB
Copperhead Free State Pale Ale
Halcyon Unfiltered Wheat Tallgrass Brewing Wheat Ale
Oatmeal Stout Free State Oatmeal Stout
8-Bit Tallgrass Brewing Pale Ale


Beer Name Brewery Style
Bo & Luke Against the Grain RIS
London Balling Against the Grain Barleywine
Rico Sauvin Against the Grain IPA
West Sixth IPA West Sixth Brewing IPA
35K Against the Grain Milk Stout
Citra Ass Down Against the Grain IPA
Brett the Hipman Hop Against the Grain Wild Ale
Pay It Forward West Sixth Brewing Porter
Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout Bluegrass Brewing Imperial Stout
Bearded Pat’s Bluegrass Brewing Barleywine


Beer Name Brewery Style
Irish Channel New Orleans Lager & Ale Brewing Stout
Mechahopzilla New Orleans Lager & Ale Brewing DIPA
Save Our Shore Abita Pilsner
Hopitoulas New Orleans Lager & Ale Brewing IPA
Turbodog Abita Brown Ale
Abbey Ale Abita Dubbel
Spring IPA Abita IPA
NOLA Brown New Orleans Lager & Ale Brewing Mild Ale
Andygator Abita Doppelbock
NOLA Blonde New Orleans Lager & Ale Brewing Blonde


Beer Name Brewery Style
Lunch Maine Brewing IPA
Curieux Allagash Tripel
Another One Maine Brewing IPA
Odyssey Allagash Belgian Strong
Zoe Maine Brewing Amber/Red
Interlude Allagash Saison
Cadillac Mountain Bar Harbor Dry Stout
Allagash White Allagash Witbier
Allagash Tripel Allagash Tripel
King Titus Maine Brewing Porter


Beer Name Brewery Style
Gose Gone Wild Stillwater/Westbrook Gose
Barrel-aged Gonzo Flying Dog Baltic Porter
Lot No. 6 Evolution Brewing DIPA
Single Hop – Citra Flying Dog DIPA
As Follows Stillwater Belgian Strong
Lot No. 3 Evolution Brewing IPA
Gonzo Flying Dog Baltic Porter
Loose Cannon – Hop3 Heavy Seas IPA
Cellar Door Stillwater Saison
Kujo Flying Dog Imperial Stout


Beer Name Brewery Style
Julius Tree House IPA
Utopias Sam Adams Strong Ale
Fort Point Trillum Brewing Pale Ale
Congres Street Trillum Brewing IPA
Barrel-aged Framinghammer Jack’s Abby Baltic Porter
Be Hoppy Wormtown Brewing IPA
Kiwi RISing Jack’s Abby DIPL
Hoponius Union Jack’s Abby IPL
Vanilla Barrel-aged Framinghammer Jack’s Abby Baltic Porter
Coffee Barrel-aged Framinghammer Jack’s Abby Baltic Porter
Mass RISing Jack’s Abby DIPL


Beer Name Brewery Style
KBS Founders Imperial Stout
Black Note Bell’s Imperial Stout
Breakfast Stout Founders Imperial Stout
Hopslam Bell’s DIPA
Imperial Stout Founders RIS
Backwoods Bastard Founders Scotch Ale
Plead the 5th Dark Horse RIS
Two Hearted Bell’s IPA
Harvest Ale Founders IPA
Porter Founders Porter


Beer Name Brewery Style
Abrasive Ale Surly DIPA
Darkness Surly RIS
Wet Surly IPA
Masala Mama Minneapolis Town Hall IPA
Furious Surly IPA
Blakkr Surly Black Ale
Coffee Porter Surly Brown Ale
Size 7 Steel Toe IPA
Overrated Surly IPA
Smoke Surly Baltic Porter


Beer Name Brewery Style
Timber Beast Lazy Magnolia DIPA
Southern Pecan Lazy Magnolia Brown Ale
Jefferson Stout Lazy Magnolia Milk Stout
Indian Summer Lazy Magnolia Wheat Ale
Southern Hops’pitality Lazy Magnolia IPA
Deep South Lazy Magnolia Pale Ale
Jefferson Sweet Potato Lazy Magnolia Milk Stout
Devil’s Harvest Southern Prohibition Pale Ale
Mississippi Fire Ant Southern Prohibition Red Ale


Beer Name Brewery Style
Barrel-aged Abraxas Perennial Impderial Stout
Abraxas Perennial Impderial Stout
Saison Brett Boulevard Saison
Love Child No 4 Boulevard Wild Ale
Tasmanian IPA Schlafly IPA
Bourbon Barrel-aged Quad Boulevard Quad
Rye-on-Rye Boulevard Rye
Pumpkin Ale Schlafly Pumpkin Ale
Tank 7 Boulevard Saison
Sixth Glass Boulevard Quad


Beer Name Brewery Style
Barrel-aged Ivan the Terrible Big Sky RIS
Tumbleweed Lewis & Clark IPA
Olde Bluehair Big Sky Barleywine
Cold Smoke Kettle House Brewing Scotch Ale
Heavy Horse Big Sky Scotch Ale
Bobo’s Robust Porter Big Sky Porter
Big Sky IPA Big Sky IPA
Pids Ass Harvest Moon Porter
Bent Nail Red Lodge IPA
Cowboy Coffee Porter Big Sky Porter


Beer Name Brewery Style
Melange A Trois In French Oak Chardonnay Barrels Nebraksa Brewing Belgian Strong
Hop God in French Oak Chardonnay Barrels Nebraksa Brewing IPA
Black Betty in Whiskey Barrels Nebraksa Brewing RIS
Hop God Nebraksa Brewing IPA
Apricot Au Poivre Saison in Chardonnay Barrels Nebraksa Brewing Saison
EOS Hefeweizen Nebraksa Brewing Hefeweizen
India Pale Ale Nebraksa Brewing IPA
IPA Lucky Bastard Brewing IPA
LunaSea Empyrean Brewing ESB
Cardinal Nebraksa Brewing Pale Ale


Beer Name Brewery Style
Bourbon Barrel RIS Joseph James Brewing RIS
War Dog Big Dog’s Draft House DIPA
Imperial Stout Tenaya Creek Brewery Imperial Stout
Old Jackalope Tenaya Creek Brewery Barleywine
Outlaw Great Basin Oatmeal Stout
Dirty Dog Big Dog’s Draft House IPA
Hop Ride Tenaya Creek Brewery IPA
Icky Great Basin IPA
Red Hydrant Big Dog’s Draft House Brown Ale
Monsoon Tenaya Creek Brewery IPA

New Hampshire

Beer Name Brewery Style
Baltic Porter Smuttynose Baltic Porter
Robust Porter Smuttynose Porter
Finest Kind Smuttynose IPA
Imperial Stout Smuttynose RIS
S’muttonator Smuttynose Doppelbock
Maibock Smuttynose Maibock
Scotch Ale Smuttynose Scotch Ale
Big A Smuttynose DIPA
Barleywine Smuttynose Barleywine
Durty Mud Smuttynose Brown Ale

New Jersey

Beer Name Brewery Style
A Night to End All Dawns Kane Brewing Imperial Stout
Head High Kane Brewing IPA
Overhead Kane Brewing DIPA
A Night to End All Dawns w. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans Kane Brewing Imperial Stout
Regular Coffee Carton Brewing Cream Ale
Morning Bell Kane Brewing Porter
077XX Carton Brewing DIPA
Ramstein Winter Wheat High Point Weizenbock
Exit 16 Flying Fish DIPA
Boat Beer Carton Brewing Pale Ale

New Mexico

Beer Name Brewery Style
Project Dank La Cumbre IPA
Elevated IPA La Cumbre IPA
Malpais La Cumbre Stout
Marble Reserve Marble Brewery Strong Ale
Double IPA Marble Brewery DIPA
Marble IPA Marble Brewery IPA
Imperial Java Santa Fe Brewing Imperial Stout
Marble Red Ale Marble Brewery Red Ale
State Pen Santa Fe Brewing Porter
Black IPA Santa Fe Brewing Black Ale

New York

Beer Name Brewery Style
Choklat Southern Tier Imperial Stout
Flower Power Ithaca Beer IPA
Mokah Southern Tier Imperial Stout
Hennepin Brewery Ommegang Saison
Abbey Ale Brewery Ommegang Dubbel
Black Chocolate Stout Brooklyn RIS
Three Philosophers Brewery Ommegang Quad
Imperial IPA Captain Lawrence DIPA
Hi-Res Sixpoint DIPA
Iniquity Southern Tier Black Ale

North Carolina

Beer Name Brewery Style
Barrel-aged Sexual Chocolate Foothills RIS
Freak of Nature IPA Wicked Weed DIPA
Event Horizon Olde Hickory Imperial Stout
Hop, Drop n Roll NoDa IPA
Jade Foothills IPA
Lindley Park Olde Hickory Imperial Stout
Olde Rabbit’s Foot Foothills Imperial Stout
Oblivion Wicked Weed Wild Ale
Black Angel Wicked Weed Wild Ale
Sexual Chocolate Foothills RIS

North Dakota

Beer Name Brewery Style
Feast Like a Sultan Laughing Sun IPA
Sodbuster Fargo Brewing Porter
Iron Horse Fargo Brewing Pale Ale
Woodchipper Fargo Brewing IPA
Strawberry Wheat Laughing Sun Fruit
Stone’s Throw Fargo Brewing Scotch Ale
Summer Wheat Fargo Brewing Wheat Ale


Beer Name Brewery Style
Columbus Bodhi Columbus Brewing DIPA
Hop Juju Fat Heads DIPA
Barrel-aged Blackout Stout Great Lakes RIS
Wulver Thirsty Dog Scotch Ale
Head Hunter Fat Heads IPA
Barrel-aged BORIS Hoppin Frog RIS
White Rajah Brew Kettle IPA
Chillwave Great Lakes DIPA
Edmund Fitzgerald Great Lakes Porter
BORIS Hoppin Frog RIS


Beer Name Brewery Style
Prairie Bomb Prairie Artisan Ales Imperial Stout
Prairie Pirate Bomb Prairie Artisan Ales Imperial Stout
Bible Belt Prairie/Evil Twin Imperial Stout
Prairie Hop Prairie Artisan Ales Saison
Funky Gold Mosaic Prairie Artisan Ales Wild Ale
Prairie Noir Prairie Artisan Ales Imperial Stout
Prairie Merica Prairie Artisan Ales Saison
Prairie Coffee Noir Prairie Artisan Ales Imperial Stout
Prairie Ale Prairie Artisan Ales Saison
F5 Coop Ale Works IPA


Beer Name Brewery Style
Abyss Deschutes Imperial Stout
Sang Noir Cascade Wild Ale
Mother of All Storms Pelican Pub Barleywine
Peche n Brett Logsdon Farmhouse Ales Saison
Apricot Ale Cascade Wild Ale
Seizoen Bretta Logsdon Farmhouse Ales Saison
Adam Hair of the Dog Old Ale
Mirror Mirror Deschutes Barleywine
Fresh Squeeed Deschutes IPA
Chocolate Stout Rogue Imperial Stout


Beer Name Brewery Style
Nugget Nectar Troegs Amber
DirtWolf Victory DIPA
Big Black Voodoo Daddy Voodoo Brewing Imperial Stout
Insanity Weyerbacher Barleywine
Flying Mouflan Troegs Barleywine
Perpetial IPA Troegs DIPA
Hop Devil Victory IPA
Storm King Victory Imperial Stout
Hop Knife Troegs IPA
Double Simcoe Weyerbacher DIPA

Rhode Island

Beer Name Brewery Style
Bock Narragansett Maibock
Flying Jenny Grey Sail Pale Ale
Autocrat Narragansett Milk Stout
Porter Narragansett Porter
Summer Ale Narragansett Blonde
Fest Narragansett Oktoberfest
Backyahd Foolproof Brewing IPA
Cream Ale Narragansett Cream Ale
Lager Narragansett Lager
Del’s Shandy Narragansett Fruit

South Carolina

Beer Name Brewery Style
Mexican Cake Westbrook Imperial Stout
Gozu Westbrook Gose
Gose Westbrook Gose
32/50 COAST Kolsch
Citrus Ninja Westbrook DIPA
Orange Bliss Westbrook Imperial Stout
IPA Westbrook IPA
Blackbeerd COAST RIS

South Dakota

Beer Name Brewery Style
Pile O Dirt Crow Peak Porter
Smoke Jumper Firehouse Dry Stout
11th Hour Crow Peak IPA
Red Firehouse Red Ale
Canyon Crow Peak Cream Ale
Chukkar Firehouse Pale Ale
Wilderness Wheat Firehouse Hefeweizen
Spearbeer Crow Peak Pale Ale
Naughty Redhear Sick N Twisted Red Ale
Buffalo Bitter Firehouse ESB


Beer Name Brewery Style
Sue Yazoo Brewing Porter
Ananda Wiseacre IPA
Sly Rye Yazoo Brewing Porter
Tuckaleechee Smoky Mountain Brewery Porter
Adam Bomb Blackstone Brewery IPA
10-Year IPA Yazoo Brewing IPA
Rye Saison Yazoo Brewing Saison
Hefeweizen Yazoo Brewing Hefeweizen
St. Charles Blackstone Brewery Porter
Appalachian Pale Smoky Mountain Brewery Pale Ale


Beer Name Brewery Style
Atrial Rubicite Jester King Wild Ale
Montmorency vs Balaton Jester King Wild Ale
Yellow Rose Lone Pint IPA
HefeWeizen Live Oak Hefeweizen
Pumpkinator St Arnold Imperial Stout
Nocturn Chrysalis Jester King Wild Ale
Bourbon Barrel-aged Hellfighter Karbach Porter
Hibernal Dichotomous Jester King Saison
RU-55 Jester King Wild Ale
Funk Metal Sour Barrel-aged Stout Jester King Wild Ale


Beer Name Brewery Style
Big Bad Baptist Epic Imperial Stout
Labyrinth Uinta Imperial Stout
Dubhe Uinta Black Ale
Hop Nosh Uinta IPA
Squatters Outer Darkness Utah Brewers Cooperative RIS
Oak Jacked Uinta Pumpkin Ale
Cockeyed Cooper Uinta Barleywine
Squatters Hop RISing Utah Brewers Cooperative DIPA
Anniversary Barley Wine Uinta Barleywine
Fermentation Without Representation Epic Pumpkin Ale


Beer Name Brewery Style
Heady Topper Alchemist DIPA
Double Sunshine Lawson’s Finest DIPA
Abner Hill Farmstead DIPA
Ephraim Hill Farmstead DIPA
Double Citra Hill Farmstead DIPA
Double Galaxy Hill Farmstead DIPA
Everett Hill Farmstead Porter
Society and Solitutde 5 Hill Farmstead DIPA
Focal Banger Alchemist IPA
Sip of Sunshine Lawson’s Finest DIPA


Beer Name Brewery Style
Bourbon Barrel Resolute Three Brothers RIS
Gingerbread Stout Hardywood Milk Stout
Café Royale AleWerks Milk Stout
Bourbon Gingerbread Hardywood Milk Stout
Bourbon Barrel Porter AleWerks Porter
Bitter Valentine AleWerks DIPA
Pumpkin Ale AleWerks Pumpkin Ale
Bourbon Cru Hardywood Quad
Great Return Hardywood IPA
Porter Port City Porter


Beer Name Brewery Style
Bourbon Abominable Winter Ale Fremont Strong Ale
Cowiche Canyon Fremont Pale Ale
Kentucky Dark Star Fremont Imperial Stout
Punkuccino Elysian Pumpkin Ale
Wisdom Seeker Black Raven DIPA
The Brother Fremont DIPA
Lucille Georgetown IPA
Great Pumpkin Elysian Pumpkin Ale
Topcutter Bale Breaker IPA
Dayglow Elysian IPA

West Virginia

Beer Name Brewery Style
Dun Glen Bridge Brew Works Dubbel
Zack Morgan’s Pale Ale Morgantown Brewing IPA
Coal City Stout Morgantown Brewing Dry Stout
Almost Heaven Mountain State Amber Ale
Alpha Blonde Morgantown Brewing Blonde Ale
Miner’s Daughter Mountain State Oatmeal Stout
Cold Trail Mountain State Blonde Ale
Long Point Bridge Brew Works Lager
Seneca Indian Mountain State IPA
Raj Charleston Brewing IPA


Beer Name Brewery Style
Sixteen Central Waters Imperial Stout
Wisconsin Belgian Red New Glarus Fruit
Raspberry Tart New Glarus Fruit
Thumbprint Scream New Glarus DIPA
Serendipity New Glarus Fruit
Bourbon Barrel Barleywine Central Waters Barleywine
Strawberry Rhubarb New Glarus Fruit
Brewer’s Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout Central Waters Imperial Stout
Dancing Man New Glarus Hefeweizen
Brewhouse Coffee Stout Central Waters Imperial Stout


Beer Name Brewery Style
2×4 Quadruple Pale Melvin Brewing DIPA
Le Serpent Snake River Oud Bruin
Zonker Snake River Stout
Pako’s IPA Snake River IPA
Wyoming Pale Ale Wind River Pale Ale
Lager Snake River Vienna lager
Pale Ale Snake River Pale Ale
Organic Brown Snake River Brown Ale
Melvin IPA Melvin Brewing IPA
Le Serpent CeRISe Snake River Oud Bruin

+Bryan Roth
“Don’t drink to get drunk. Drink to enjoy life.” — Jack Kerouac


18 thoughts on “The United States of Beer (According to Beer Advocate)

  1. Thanks for the list. I know which beers to try when I go to colorado next. I have had the mycenary and the yeti and believe both great divide and odell are good having had them. Haven’t heard of a avery and will have to look them up.

    1. Some of Avery’s most popular beers are ABV behemoths, so make sure to try them (if you dare) while you’re in Colorado!

  2. I can confirm that those Ohio beers are all stellar.

  3. Thanks for putting in the work to compile all of these lists into one place. Although some may complain about omissions I like the filter for achieving a minimum number of ratings to get on the list.
    You mentioned some states are dominated by 1-2 breweries. It’s interesting to look for the opposite, states where no one brewery dominates. A quick run through the list shows that two states where I’ve lived Ohio and Oregon both have 6 different breweries represented in the top 10. I would argue that is a sign of a vibrant brewing scene (although I suppose in some cases one could argue its a sign of mediocrity). Are there any states with a higher number?

    1. Thanks, Pat. I can’t in good conscious include a beer with a dozen rankings released once at a special event when the #2 or 3 beers feature hundreds, if not thousands of ratings. My hope is that everyone will be as forgiving as you!

      I think the two states you mention are prime examples of a vibrant scene, for sure. Oregon needs no introduction, but Ohio is certainly an interesting case, especially given the region’s propensity for quality beers.

      I’d say four or five breweries per list is about average. Given the restrictions I’ve set, that weeds out some of the very new businesses and leaves more established breweries.

      1. I agree 4-6 breweries on the list would be a good sign of a vibrant beer scene. One or two means there is still plenty of room for growth.

        As an aside one Ohio brewery that is expanding and has a number of beers in the list is Jackie O’s in Athens. I’m looking forward to their beers being more readily available around the state.

        A final marginally relevant factoid. Two beers in the Idaho list, XX Bitch Creek ESB and Bitch Creek ESB are actually brown ales rather than extra special bitters (the esb stands for extra special brown).

        Looking forward to the remaining posts in this series.

      2. Thanks! Updated that in the chart.

  4. It’s interesting that even though Foothills has more beers in the top 10 for North Carolina, Wicked Weed made it on the map. Not questioning your methods, just interesting how those shook out. Wicked Weed is a relative new kid on the block but their investment in sours and super smart art and design is really paying off for them I think.

    In general, it seems that subtlety is not rewarded but that may change as craft beer grows or as the audience gets older.

    1. Honestly, that was another toss up. I’d be perfectly fine with Foothills, but believe I wound up with Wicked Weed for general availability over high-end specialty releases. (other states, where there may not be an issue of one brewery closely pit against another may have high-end specialty releases, but again, here’s where an attempt at evened bias comes in)

      As with any situation with beer where you try to pick the “best,” it’s hard to be perfect on all fronts. But I appreciate you calling that out!

  5. Awesome idea for a series, Bryan. Very interesting stuff!

    Just one quick thing about the High Point beer from NJ, you may want to add that its name is Ramstein Winter Wheat. High Point makes many beers using the Ramstein brand, including several wheat beers and lagers.

    I look forward to checking out the rest of these posts!

    1. Thank you! I’ve updated the list now.

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