A Month Worth Remembering: October 2014 Beertography

bud_cameraOctober has now gone by, which means it’s time for my regular roundup of beertography from the last few weeks.

It’s been an exciting month and many of my photos reflect more about my activities and travels than artistic side. I hope you’ve enjoyed sharing in this ongoing project, as I’m proud to say that I was recently nominated as an “Instagram account to follow” by my colleagues, many who are vastly more talented than I. I’m actually giving a presentation today about my beertography.

Below you’ll find some of my recent photos, which you may also come across on my Instagram page, Twitter account or even Untappd. If you like these, you can find all of my beertography on Instagram or in my running archive.

All my shots are taken with my iPhone 5 unless otherwise noted. Let’s see what October had to offer…

A Trip Out West

almanac-farmers reserve citrus-lemon-beer-beertographyI visited Seattle at the beginning of October, which led to a variety of photo opportunities and reflections about what it means to travel. I spent a lot of time hanging out with Kopi, my brother’s chocolate lab. Late in the morning, I’d plop down on the front porch alongside her and take in the sun.

Now I know what Ed is talking about.

Exploring at Home

world beer fest-durham-beerEvery October, All About Beer magazine hosts the World Beer Festival here in Durham, NC. It’s a wonderful chance to try new beers, especially from the fast-growing in-state brewery scene. I spent half the festival drinking North Carolina-based beers.

Oddly enough, my favorite sample from the event was probably a dry-hopped cider by Bull City Ciderworks. They use Cascade and Galaxy hops which gives the cider an unforgettable aroma of tangy tropical fruit and citrus.

(Coincidentally, my beertography is so popular, festival organizers stole a photo from me)

Mission Accomplished

two roads-two roads brewing-no limits-hefewiezen-beer-beertographyI ran my first half-marathon in October, taking part in the Bull City Race Fest with thousands of other runners. I’m happy to say I was actually a little faster than the time on my watch, but happier to have the right beer to celebrate with when I got home.

Upping My Game

oskar blues-ten fidy-imperial stout-beer-beertographyHere in Durham, we’ve got a reuse art center, the Scrap Exchange, that’s kind of like a Salvation Army for random and unwanted supplies like tiles, paper, electronics … anything.

I’ve been inspired by other photographers to try and incorporate more setups for my beertography. With this shot, I used a shiny filing cabinet drawer and foggy window pane from the Scrap Exchange to capture light from outside. I’m still horribly low-tech, so I used a couple umbrellas to apply shading and reflect light.

Brewing Pal

brewcatThis isn’t a special shot, but I love that I have some company for my brew days at home. Even if it is a little creepy.

I look forward to what November has to offer! As always, you can go back to see previous beertography posts:

+Bryan Roth
“Don’t drink to get drunk. Drink to enjoy life.” — Jack Kerouac

6 thoughts on “A Month Worth Remembering: October 2014 Beertography

  1. I expect Sliding Backdoor Cat to become at least as big as Ceiling Cat and Basement Cat. Great pics.

    1. I wouldn’t want fame to go to his furry head. Especially after all the Death Stares.

  2. I started this post thinking nothing was going to beat the first picture (hey, it has a dog [and a lab to boot] in it), but that product type shot of the Ten Fidy is killer. And remember, you’re not a true artist unless someone is “borrowing” your work.

    1. Thanks, Ed! I try not to get too upset when it happens, but this was especially annoying since they used it in their email and on social media accounts, didn’t provide attribution and never replied to my messages asking about it. C’est la vie.

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