The Unspoken, Unwritten Truth: ‘Alternative’ Beer Reviews


It’s that time again. As the first Friday of a new month, it means I’m participating in “The Session,” a monthly event where beer bloggers from around the world collectively write on a predetermined topic. February’s post is a special kind of challenge, offered by Friend of the Program Oliver at Literature and Libation:

I ask all of you to review a beer. Any beer. Of your choosing even! There’s a catch though, just one eentsy, tiny rule that you have to adhere to: you cannot review the beer.

Oh, OK.

Since I can’t write a review, it’s time to use that “pictures are worth a thousand words” cliche yet again, like I did to share thoughts on why America is(n’t) ruining beer, why those “crazy feminists” are good for brewing culture and on going pro in the beer business.

Can’t say you didn’t ask for it, Oliver.

I at least reserve the right to name my photos. Let’s have at these “reviews” …

Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout – A 15% Night

bourbon county stout-bcbs-stout-imperial stout-passed out-beer-beertography

Lagunitas Sucks – A Case of the Munchies

lagunitas-sucks-ipa-india pale ale-munchies-beer-beertography


bud light-beer-american lager-beertography-party

… and there you have it. A nice break from all the seriousness of this week.

Cheers to all of you as we enter the weekend and OMGLETSPARTY

Disclaimer: I should note that certain props in the above photos are not actually of my possession. I would never be caught dead doing something as stupid as drinking a Bud Light.

+Bryan Roth
“Don’t drink to get drunk. Drink to enjoy life.” — Jack Kerouac


9 thoughts on “The Unspoken, Unwritten Truth: ‘Alternative’ Beer Reviews

  1. The socks. Definitely a highlight. I am no beer blogger, but this Session is pretty fun.

  2. The first picture needs to be the your header picture. It is just that awesome.

    1. Originally, that shot was going to be different. We started to set up positioning and what not, but then the cats came and serendipity strikes again!

  3. I have to agree. The socks rock!

    1. Thank you! I have a wide and varied collection to fit any style need I require. It’s good to have a rainbow of options!

  4. Is that a cat or a mountain lion?

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