And the LOTD Award goes to… This is Why I’m Drunk

We did it!
Thank you for your help and support to help me earn the “Lords of the Drinks Award.” A more fitting appreciation tomorrow. For now, have a happy holiday.

Lords of the Drinks

Ladies and gentlemen… Can I have some drumrolls please? The Lords of the Drinks are proud to announce that the first LOTD Award goes to the weblog This is Why I Drink. As you know the previous week you could vote which of the 25 selected alcohol related blogs you liked best. The winner was undisputed with over 40% of all the votes. Runner up was The Buddha in the Glass, while took the bronze medal.

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1 thought on “And the LOTD Award goes to… This is Why I’m Drunk

  1. Reblogged this on Bier Battered [.] com and commented:
    Thanks everyone who voted and to LOTD and the great company of the fellow bloggers in this running! Cheers all!

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