25 candidates for the LOTD Award

Fellow beer lovers!
Friend of the Program Lords of the Drinks have deemed me worthy for consideration of the “Lords of the Drinks” Award. I’m happy and flattered.

What would make it even more special is if you would consider voting for me over on the Lord of the Drinks site. Just scroll down, find the option to vote for This is Why I’m Drunk and click away.


Lords of the Drinks

Besides drinking and writing about booze, we also love reading about it. That’s why now we want to put some other weblogs in the spotlights that we really enjoyed the past few months. All have a clear link with alcohol and we have no doubt you will like them too. To make it interesting we’ve created a little contest, cause these 25 blogs are candidates for the first Lords of the Drinks Award. For one week you’ll be able to vote for your favorite blog. All are mentioned below with a direct link to their about page (if available). In case we like it, we can make this award a steady thing on our blog. But for now, check out these great websites and pick your favorite one.

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11 thoughts on “25 candidates for the LOTD Award

  1. There are some pretty great blogs on there. I almost clicked Liquorstore Bear, but you won out. Barely.

    1. Oliver, you cut me deep, you cut me real deep, bro! 😉

  2. You should definitely go vote, but before you vote for This is why I’m drunk, you should probably vote for “I think about beer” first…

  3. Some pretty impressive company. It’s a tough choice. My vote could, of course, be swayed through bribery…

    1. I look forward to our impending wire transfer.

    2. Would you settle for blackmail? I have photos…photos taken by Elf on a Shelf of you doing things that even he’d be ashamed of….

      1. That’s how I know you’re bluffing. Elf HAS no shame.

      2. He’s got plenty of shame…He’s just medicating it away, and needs ever increasing amounts to deal with it…You however…Bud Light? Arby’s BBQ? Gonna declare it the best combination ever? There is no amount of shame that can contain that…

      3. Oh dang. That’s cold, dog.

      4. Don’t talk to me. The elf just captured a moment in time…

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