Beertography: When Only Drinking Beer Just Won’t Cut It


Inspiration always strikes at odd, often random times. Although, I suppose that’s kind of the point.

Yesterday, John Kleinchester of announced winners of one of his most recent beer/photography contest. He hosts them often, usually partnering with a brewery or other business to promote the cross-section of beer lovers who also happen to love the still image, too.

Per usual, Friend of the Program Oliver, of Literature and Libation, had a winning entry. He’s kind of good at the whole beer photo thing.

All this is to say that I thought it might be a good time to do a follow-up post to my original beertography share. Below you’ll find some of my favorite shots I’ve taken in recent months, which you may also come across on my Instagram page, Twitter account or even Untappd.

As a New Year’s resolution, I’d like to start creating a monthly beertography post, which will certainly challenge me creatively. I hope you’ll help keep me to it.

All my shots are taken with my iPhone 5 and because I typically shoot right where I drink, my inventiveness is mostly kept to a minimum:

Stillwater Classique – Keep It Classy, Baltimore


Sixpoint Autumnation – Fall in a Can


North Coast Old Rasputin – Dark as Coal

north coast_old rasputin_rasputin_beer_stout_beertography

The Bruery White Oak – Oak on Oak

bruery_white oak_beer_tree_beertography

Coors Light – College Campus/Saturday Morning

coors light_bud light_can_college_beer_beertography

While this isn’t necessary of a beer, I just love this picture because it reminds me of home:

ithaca beer_beer_ithaca_new york_upstate_beertography

You can check out more pictures of beer (and more than beer) over at my Instagram page. My name is bryandroth if you want to look me up.

Got any photo tips or stories to share? Please post them below.
+Bryan Roth
“Don’t drink to get drunk. Drink to enjoy life.” — Jack Kerouac


20 thoughts on “Beertography: When Only Drinking Beer Just Won’t Cut It

  1. I’ve said it before, but I’m always amazed at the quality you (and a few other Friends of the Program) can get out of a smartphone. My phone-camera shots look like blurry underwater Picasso renders during his late, misunderstood “Beertography” period.

    And thank you. I think we’re obligated to provide MULTI-media, so the photography thing seems like a no brainer. I also just really like the sound of a fluttering shutter.

    1. The one issue I run into often with my phone camera is lighting. It’s great because it’ll adjust on the fly, but it’s also much more sensitive than an SLR.

      Most of the time I feel like I stick with my phone because I always have it on me, rather than running upstairs to grab the Real Camera.

  2. Great shots. I’m a big fan of the Stillwater and Sixpoint stuff in particular.

    1. Yes! This is something I should’ve mentioned. In addition to looking nice, all these beer tasted great, too!

  3. Great shots Bryan! I so love Beertography. 🙂

  4. These are all fantastic, Bryan, with the Old Rasputin standing out to me. (Maybe because it’s my favourite of the beers photographed). Cheers, great stuff, as always.

    1. Thanks very much! I’m probably in agreement with you. It was a serendipitous idea I had when I was driving home from the bottle shop, thinking of nothing in particular.

      Like I said – inspirations strikes at odd times, right?

    2. Thanks very much! I’m probably in agreement with you. It was a serendipitous idea I had when I was driving home from the bottle shop, thinking of nothing in particular.

      Like I said – inspiration strikes at odd times, right?

  5. I know what you mean about a lack of inventiveness in photos taken for blog posts – I’m in exactly the same boat.
    I take the pictures either just before or just after I’ve poured the beer and I’m usually in too much of a hurry to drink the beer to faff about with photos.
    But I like the idea of making a point of trying to take a great pic and posting it. Think it may have even inspired me to do something similar with the camera in my phone.

    1. Wonderful!

      I find that when I want to/try to take some beertography, it’s almost always on the weekends and it’s almost always serendipitous. Perhaps it’s because I have fewer things to think about? It certainly helps to have any extra time, too. If it’s a Tuesday night, I’m typically not in the mood to spend five to 10 minutes trying to setup a shot just so.

  6. Great blog! I am a huge beer drinker. My favorite is IPA’s. I love me some Laguinitas. My favorite is Maximus IPA. I find they can make some good beer out there on the left coast. I have also tried 6 points warmer. It is a new release. It is limited so get the cans while you can. Next up to try is Flower Power IPA by Ithaca. I hear good things about it. . .

    1. I have a special place in my heart for Ithaca Beer. Flower Power is most definitely an awesome IPA, so it’s exciting to hear you’ve got it coming up.

      Lagunitas has been killing it lately. I believe their core IPAs are among the biggest gainers in sales recently. As you can attest, it’s no surprise.

      What state/region are you located? There must be some other, great IPAs available!

  7. Great shots! The Old Rasputin is a pretty unique take, the Coors Light photo is quite striking given what you had to work with, and the colors are great in the autumnation photo. It’s impressive you can do that with the camera in your phone.

    1. Thank you very much. I’m admittedly not an “artsy” person – I’ve spent too much time playing with the written word – but I’ve found that having a camera on me at all times has forced my hand to try to see (and think about) the world differently.

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