Six-Pack Project Review: Beers from CO, PA, NJ, SC and VA/DC

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A week ago, I introduced you to a new pet project of mine, the Six-Pack Project. The purpose? To bring beer writers from around the country together to highlight their state’s ideal six-pack of beers.

Basically, I want to answer the question: If you’re visiting somewhere new, what should you drink?

While I have North Carolina covered, I need help providing recommendations for everywhere else. Luckily, I had some great assistance for the first round of beer selections. I’m still looking to expand the list of picks, so if you write a beer blog or want to provide a guest post to contribute to the Six-Pack Project, contact me on Twitter and let’s chat.

In the meantime, let’s head back to our initial list of six-packs. I’ve picked out some highlights for you in case you’re looking for something to sample during your summer vacations…


Lo, I have been to the top of the mountain of beer festivals in Colorado, but while I’ve visited this state often to see family, I never seem to have enough time to enjoy all the beers that intrigue me. Thank goodness Eric from Sheppy’s Blog can help out. If you’ve never been to Colorado, he points out classic options from Oskar Blues (Deviant Dale’s IPA), Left Hand (Milk Stout) and Boulder Beer (India brown ale).

What I’m most excited about trying: TommyKnocker Hop Strike Black IPA. Of all the options in this beer Mecca, this brew calls to me. If only because Eric says it’s the yardstick he uses for measuring black IPAs and maybe because it’s brewed with rye, too.


I mean, you kind of have to include Yuengling on this list, right? Justin from Justin’s Brew Review comes through on that front, also offering beers from top-notch Pennsylvania breweries you might have heard of, but never sampled. Anything from Troegs is great – he recommends (and I second) the Hopback Amber – and I think Weyerbacher’s Blithering Idiot is something that’s typically a hit with barleywine fans.

What I’m most excited about trying: East End Brewing’s Big Hop IPA. I love me some IPA, but even more when it’s not geared to kick my ass. At 5.8 percent, this sounds like a brew you can enjoy while rooting (or booing) the Philadelphia Phillies this summer.

New Jersey

This state has to be good for something, right? Might as well be beer. Thank goodness Ryan from Mould’s Beer Blog can make some suggestions, all of which were new to me. He thinks highly of Flying Fish Brewing, recommending their double IPA (balance of “fruity and floral”) and their American Trippel (“Belgian sweetness up front, with some fruitiness added in, and a slight hop kick at the end”).

What I’m most excited about trying: Ramstein Blonde Wheat Beer. For as much as I love American IPAs, I’m always curious when U.S.-based breweries go foreign. This take on the German wheat beer sounds pretty great, especially for the warmer months.

South Carolina

As my love affair with Westbrook Brewing continues to grow, Nick from Drink. Blog. Repeat. points out plenty of other tasty beers from the ever-expanding South Carolina craft beer scene. Naturally, I was excited to see his pick of Westbrook’s White Thai, which he notes skirts the normal witbier blend of ingredients and uses lemongrass, ginger root and Sorachi Ace hops. Awesome.

What I’m most excited about trying: Conquest Sacred Heart IPA. Nick has been all over this new Columbia-based brewery from the beginning, which seems to only increase my curiousity. Their IPA brings plenty of tropical notes, which is something I savor in IPAs.


If you’re traveling to the general Virginia/DC metropolis, Scott from Beerbecue has some solid selections which span the gamut of tasting options. I’m not surprised he picked two beers from Port City Brewing, which has always seemed like a local favorite. Based out of Alexandria, VA, their porter scores a 90 on Beer Advocate and comes with a little extra kick at 7.5 percent ABV.

What I’m most excited about trying: DC Brau On the Wings of Armageddon. I really liked DC Brau’s brews when I visited last year, so no reason to think I wouldn’t be put off by this one.

A big thanks to the initial group of writers. If you’re interested in joining the Six-Pack Project or just want to debate beer selections, don’t hesitate to contact me on Twitter.

“Don’t drink to get drunk. Drink to enjoy life.” — Jack Kerouac


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