A Balancing Act … “The Session” April 2013

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This month’s “Session” post is all about “Finding Beer Balance,” a topic I thought would offer a way for beer bloggers to share about passions in their lives that intersect or may be outside of their blogging hobby.

I love beer. I love drinking beer.

But I love other things, too.

Such is the case with any beer fan. We’ve got jobs, families and hobbies outside of our favorite libation.That’s a good thing.

So how do I find balance to measure out the time I spend drinking beer? The easy answer would be “thinking about it.”

My studies...
My studies…

I’ve got books and magazines and a binder of homebrew recipes.

I’ve got favorite websites and social networks and friends.

But most of all, I’ve got this blog. It encourages me to think critically about beer and educate myself, especially when I’m not drinking. I want to know the “how” and “why” when it comes to the beer I drink, which means I’m looking up information long after I empty the last drop of my glass.

session_logo_all_text_300Writing has allowed me to engage the beer community and form ideas about what beer means to me, to business or to society.

Beer is more than a drink. It’s a part of my life to assess and understand.

I find balance through enjoying beer and through passion for beer, I find balance.

+Bryan Roth
“Don’t drink to get drunk. Drink to enjoy life.” — Jack Kerouac

10 thoughts on “A Balancing Act … “The Session” April 2013

  1. Good to see a wider perspective on “balance” beyond the interplay between hops and malt. Hopefully I’m getting that balance right a whole lot more than not. I guess the fact that I’m still here (and so are the wife and family) is some indication that that’s the case.


    1. This is the primary balance I prefer, after all. Hop-forward for life!

  2. Nice post. Balance through intellectual curiosity. I feel like I need to know the how and why about everything, as well. Sometimes it drives the Haybag crazy. She prefers more practical endeavors and thinks men waste their time in this respect. She be trippin.

    Thanks for hosting.

    1. Boos always be trippin

      Thanks for another good video!

  3. Well put. I study up on beer WAY more than I actually drink it. I love learning about the how to and the history of it all.

    1. Thanks!

      I’ve found that whatever I’m doing related to beer – drinking it or brewing it – I’m spending far more time learning about it. And I love it.


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