Cheers to the Weekend: A Few Words on … Why We’re Celebrating


A quick pint, so to speak, on this Friday morning.

In case you missed it, I’d love for you to join myself and others for the April edition of “The Session,” when we’ll discuss the idea of Finding Beer Balance. Until then, you may be utilizing some performance-enhancing drugs beer to spur creativity.

In that vein, here are some reasons as to why we shouldn’t feel bad about brewing, drinking and celebrating beer this weekend. “Helping us forget” is not an applicable answer.

What about you? Why do you think we should raise our glasses this weekend?

+Bryan Roth

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2 thoughts on “Cheers to the Weekend: A Few Words on … Why We’re Celebrating

  1. In moderation, it helps spark creativity. I am penning a novel right now and my best writing comes in the evenings over a pint or two. And I do say in moderation though, too much and no creative thoughts come to mind.

    1. Yes! An excellent point. I finished up a graduate degree this winter and found that sitting down to write a paper with pint-in-hand provided many more free-flowing ideas. If anything, it gave me a chance to sit back, take a breath (and a sip) and relax while pulling my hair out over what to write next.

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