Stone Brewing / Iron Fist / Ken Schmidt Mint Chocolate Imperial Stout

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If eating an Andes mint isn’t sufficient, this collaborative effort will allow you to drink it just fine. The Mint Chocolate Imperial Stout is utterly coated in a profile of chocolate and mint, but never entirely veers toward candy status thanks to a 9.6 percent ABV.

Smells of fresh mint are only slightly muddled by passing aromas of chocolate malt and cocoa, which are enhanced in the brew with natural additives. The flavor moves in reverse order, allowing this malt-forward brew to really showcase a dark chocolate taste before a sweet menthol-mint nips at the tongue. The finish of each gulp brought on a dryness of roasted grains that reminded me of Guinness.

Just when it seemed too late, a boozy warmth jumped into the fray, melting the chocolate and mint away with a pleasant heat of alcohol made sweet by the residual adjunct flavoring. This is an after-dinner treat wrapped in beer (bottle) clothing.

+Bryan Roth


5 thoughts on “Stone Brewing / Iron Fist / Ken Schmidt Mint Chocolate Imperial Stout

  1. I really liked this beer. I’ve drank several. Since I have a limited amount of “drinking” time and budget, I try to keep my variety extra high so I can review as many beers as possible. On this one, I enjoyed several bottles over several evenings. I’m glad this beer exceeded my expectations of a “mint” beer.

    1. I’m very much the same way – I want to maximize my beer purchases, especially when I have so many bottles of homebrew around. I could also see myself drinking a few of these. It really does make a great dessert.


      1. It’s a great evening sipper. Good thing I don’t have to mix in “homebrew” into my mix. I’m already backlogged on beers.

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