The 5 best pumpkin beers you can buy (according to me, today)

It’s Thanksgiving. Time for turkey, mashed potatoes and most important, pumpkin pie.

I’ve listed numerous times my love for all things pumpkin, so what better day than today to wrap up pumpkin beer season? In simple fashion, I wanted to share with you the five best pumpkin beers I’ve enjoyed. This is certainly subject to change and is entirely biased on my own taste buds….

1. Southern Tier Pumking
As if there were any doubt. I was lucky to find this beer on tap for the first time at a great bar in Washington, D.C. this month. It’s everything I’d ever want from a pumpkin beer, offering intense pumpkin flavors, the right blend of spices and a great malt backbone to give it a crusty kick.

2. Elysian Brewing Dark O’ the Moon
If anything, this fall has proven my adoration for mixing pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices with rich, dark beers. Dark O’ the Moon uses a base of a stout to mix with pumpkin (three times) and cinnamon. Astonishingly delicious.

3. Epic Brewing/DC Brau Fermentation Without Representation
This follows close on the heels of Dark O’ the Moon because it’s another dark beer-pumpkin blend. This imperial pumpkin porter used canned pumpkin puree, which I think is unique for commercial breweries. It all mixes to a wonderful, dessert end.

4. Sam Adams Fat Jack
I don’t care for Sam Adam’s regular, old pumpkin beer, Harvest Pumpkin Ale. This one, I like. It reminded me a lot of Pumking, just a little different taste of the booze as it mixes with the pumpkin and spices. Since Pumking is such a hit and can sell out fast, this makes for an acceptable alternative.

5. Elysian Brewing Hansel and Gretel
While there’s little-to-no pumpkin flavor in this ginger-based pilsner, it’s so unique I have to include it on this list. Hansel and Gretel is very refreshing and made with a healthy dose of Saaz hops to offer a little extra spiciness. It’s a very novel brew that would definitely add another layer to your pumpkin beer collection.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, all!


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