A Few Words on … How I’m celebrating Oktoberfest

With Oktoberfest in full swing, I’m excited to be celebrating in grand style this year. Need a primer on Oktoberfest? Here you go. How do you celebrate Oktoberfest? Well, the next three weeks offer some great events I’ll be visiting. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Oktoberfest:

Oct. 6 – World Beer Festival

What excites me most about Durham’s annual beer fest is the growing North Carolina brew scene. Along with Beer City, USA, the state currently has 70 operating breweries, many of which show up for the World Beer Festival. Hell, North Carolina even has it’s own tent. Just take a look at this beer lineup. There’s a great variety of drinks, including mead, cider and (naturally) beer. I’m most excited to get my hands on some brew from NoDa Brewing Company from Charlotte, which isn’t regularly available in the Triangle. I also plan to show off White Street Brewing – one of NC’s newest breweries – to out-of-town friends.

Oct. 13 – Great American Beer Festival

It’s finally time to take the plunge. My fever pitch over attending this festival is reaching capacity. What can I expect from GABF? Hundreds of breweries and a couple thousand of potential beer samples. I know that Sam Adams’ Utopias have made an appearance at past festivals, so my fingers are crossed to get a pour of that. However, I’m making a beeline for the West Coast section because I finally get the chance to sample some Pliny the Elder from Russian River – one of the most highly regarded brews in the world. Thankfully I’m going to two sessions at the Great American Beer Festival, so I hope to have ample opportunity to get my liver hands on great beer that normally doesn’t come close to the Triangle area. New Glarus, anyone?

Oct. 20 – Mystery Brewing tour

I’m capping off my month of beer with a group tour of Mystery Brewing – a local brewery that opened up earlier this year. It’s run by Erik Lars Myers, author and general mad scientist when it comes to brews. The brewery keeps up a wide variety of constantly-changing beer options, so I can’t wait to hear from him about how and why he comes up with the ideas for each one. Plus, the beers have pretty cool names like Waggledance, Lockwood’s Retreat and Papa Bois. Even better, Mystery puts partial recipes right on their site, so if I’m feeling adventurous, it could mean trying out a clone brew.

Tips? Tricks? Words of wisdom?

At each of these events I hope to grab some pictures or even video to highlight the sights and sounds of what’s going on. While I’ve been a regular at the World Beer Festivals, I’ve never been to GABF or taken a brewery tour. Is there anything worth keeping an eye out for? Is there anything you’d be interested in reading about? Drop me a line via Twitter or leave a comment.

(Photos sourced from allaboutbeer.com, greatamericanbeerfestival.com and mysterybrewing.com)


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