Sixpoint Brewery Sweet Action

Cream ales have never been my thing. Growing up near Rochester, NY, Genny Cream Ale has been the bane of my existence as the locally-made beer of choice. Sigh.

Never fear, Sixpoint has impressed again. Along with Milwaukee Brewing Company’s cream ale, Sixpoint’s Sweet Action is now among the one or two cream ales I’d dare choose to drink. How novel! It’s got an 88 on Beer Advocate.

From a style standpoint, Sweet Action is right on the money. It’s a good, clear color with no overreaching characteristics. It’s a solid Lawnmower beer.

Oddly enough, there’s a hint of a reisony smell, but that’s about the only primary hop aroma I picked up. It’s all secondary to me – the (perhaps) Horizon, Glacier, and Simcoe hops give off smells of Ginger, lemon citrus and herbs while the flavor nearly mirrors the same. It is a bit dry, but that’s OK because I enjoy drinking it to keep my tongue satisfied.

What can I say? A simple beer, a simple profile. Above all else, Sweet Action should catch your attention because as someone who doesn’t care for this style at all, it was a tasty and unique entry for me. If anyone is more knowledgeable on the hop use for this beer, I’d love to know. Never have I found a cream ale that would be this ambitious.

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