Sam Adams Noble Pils – my liver’s epilogue

Yesterday, I went over the brewing/marketing aspects of Sam Adams Noble Pils, which confused the hell out of me due to the effort to cross recipes and the use of poor wording choices. Today, I actually delve into what I felt the beer actually tasted like – beer is for drinking, after all, not college-level analysis. (No offense, UC-Davis)

Taking everything I read and discussed into account, I expected Noble Pils to be much hoppier than a normal pilsner – or a “traditional” one, for that matter, based on Sam Adams marketing of it as a “traditional Bohemian pilsner” despite a recipe that may suggest otherwise. Nonetheless, it didn’t quite live up to my American-beer based assumptions. For reference, it’s got an 88 on Beer Advocate.

While the beer was certainly sparkly and clear to an impressive degree, I was less impressed with other aspects, which reminded me of the Eurotrash Pilsner I had not too long ago. The smell was actually pretty sweet, with a little bit of hop aroma on the end. Overall, the beer just smelled fresh more than anything, and it made me think of fresh-cut grass, for what it’s worth. Once again – it may be just me, but I was expecting more hop smell based on Sam Adams’ recipe.

The taste was straight forward. Noble Pils had some bitter flavor up front, then turned pretty bland. I wouldn’t expect bitterness from a “traditional Bohemian pilsner.” Still, it was very smooth and easy to drink, but disappointing for the fact it didn’t leave me with any aftertaste other than some bitterness on my tongue. Given the variety of hops used – all five of the Noble family – I was left wanting more. I thought it would’ve been very unique. The use of lager yeast (as pilsners are part of the lager “family”) certainly contributed to this, offering a crisp, clean flavor.

All that said, Noble Pils was a fine summertime beer, but one I’m not too keen on. I tried the beer with a chocolate chip cookie just to see what would happen and it’s an experiment I won’t try again.

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