Out of town – Savannah’s beers (and not Savannah’s beers)

The Missus and I made a trip to Savannah, Georgia recently, where I (naturally) was excited to give the local beers a try. There was a brewery not far from our hotel, which I made sure to stop by a try a flight.

Overall, Moon River Brewing was a bit of  a “meh.” The first three beers I had – a wit, golden and blonde – were all boring and somewhat flavorless. The wit had some decent taste to it, but nothing beyond the kind of wheat-like malt flavor you’d find in anything else.

I did like the brewery’s stout, which was low in ABV (3.2 percent) but very high in coffee notes both on the nose and tongue. It was very smooth – a little thicker than “watery” – but not in a bad way. No one could tell me how much grain they used in the batch, but my guess is they really went hard on chocolate malt.

The brewery’s IPA was also good – they likened it to Dogfish’s 90 Minute IPA. I wouldn’t go that far, but there was a lot of good grapefruit in there. Again, no one could tell me what hops/grains used for the beer, but any of the traditional American hops that fit the citrus profile could’ve gone into it. I wouldn’t have minded having a full pint of this. There was just enough hops to pique my interest and not enough to be a turn-off.

I also stopped by The Distillery, which is apparently the city’s go-to craft bar. I had a few beers that I’ve never sampled before:

Coastal Empire Beer Company Savannah Brown Ale (~3 from two reviews on Beer Advocate)
I was excited to have a “local” Georgia beer, but this one was pretty boring. As far as nut brown or “brown” ales go, it’s probably among worst I’ve had. There’s really no good smell or flavor to it. If anything, it’s a lawnmower-type brown beer if there ever was one.

Cisco Brewers Whale Tale (85 on Beer Advocate)
I was excited to try this because I had never heard of the brewery and found it strange it hails from Massachusetts but isn’t found in North Carolina while it’s in Georgia. Unfortunately, nothing to get excited about. I assume it’s supposed to be more of a “session” type beer by taste due its English origins, but it’s also 5.7 percent ABV and I’d expect more. Another pretty bland beer and surprisingly yeasty for a pale ale.

Wild Heaven Let There Be Light (~4 from three reviews on Beer Advocate)
At least they all weren’t duds. This was my second pale ale and so much better than the first. This brew was more hoppy in aroma and taste that any typical pale ale you’ll find commercially, which I really liked. It made the beer stand out – I’m a big fan of Nelson Sauvin hops, which went into this one. It had a pretty clean finish and I could definitely drink a few of these in a row.


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