Dogfish’s Saison du BUFF

I am never one to turn down anything Dogfish Head and surprisingly, I had never tried any of their Saison du BUFF collaboration beers. So why not. It’s got an 87 on Beer Advocate.

Brewed with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, this beer smells like a spice rack. But definitely in a good way. Should I have been cooking with this? Even if herbs aren’t your thing, they’re all well blended in this. It actually reminds me a lot of basil beers. Maybe it’s simply the mixture of the different herbs, but that’s what it most easily reminded me of.

The saison is so smooth to drink, part of which was because of how well carbonated it was. The head retention was really strong which also improved the mouthfeel.

I will say this: while I really like this beer, I don’t know if I would want to spend $10 on a four pack of it again. During the summer, one of my favorite things to do is buy some PBR, muddle a handful of fresh basil in the bottom of a glass and pour the PBR over it. While it doesn’t taste near the same level as the Saison du BUFF, it’s essentially the same kind of herb profile considering how much basil I throw in. It’s a much cheaper alternative to getting more of this Dogfish beer.

Nonetheless, I recommend it (and the PBR idea).


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