21st Amendment’s Monk’s Blood

I have slowly been getting through 21st Amendment’s offerings since the brewery started distributing to the Triangle a few months ago. For some reason, it seems others in the area are going slower than I am, because their seasonal offerings have been very slow off the shelves.

I saw a pack of Monk’s Blood sitting untouched and decided to give it a try. It’s got an 85 on Beer Advocate.

The 21st Amendment folks traveled straight to Belgium to get inspiration for this beer and it shows. It sits at 8.3 percent ABV and you can tell. Upon the first sip, I literally said “oof” out loud.

Not that it was a bad thing.

The beer has a real solid kick to start – probably because of the alcohol – but as your palate adjusts there are all sorts of great flavors hidden in this beer. I got cinnamon, vanilla, cherries, Belgian candied sugar … perhaps what you come to expect from a Belgian beer such as this. What I really liked is that all these were very grounded with a strong Earthy tone that made sure none of those flavors ever took over one another. The beer stayed very well balanced throughout drinking it, even as it warmed.

The smell was much of those same ingredients, although I think I detected grapes/raisins more than the taste. There’s that “earthy” tone for you.

Good beer. I’ve been told 21st isn’t making it again next year (but perhaps after that) so I’m glad I grabbed it while it was still available.

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