Rogue’s Mogul Madness

I got a glass of this while out with some coworkers at one of the few local places with a good beer selection. Not being a Huge Rogue buff, I had never actually heard of the Mogul Madness. Turns out I should have – it’s got a 85 on Beer Advocate.

While it’s listed as a winter ale, I suppose is could also classify as a dark pale ale, given all the hops that go into it. Rogue lists seven different kinds – Newport, Simcoe, Crystal 90, Amarillo, Perle, Horizon, and Centennial.  It’s actually a pretty curious combination, because there isn’t much of malt to combat it, but the smell does have a good earthy one.

The smell is what I actually loved the most about this beer. The hops smelled very fresh, but not in a dry hop kind of way. They smelled fresh like the beer was being brewed and I stuck my nose over the pot. It has this fantastic smell like you’ve been soaking grain in boiling water and just started the process of adding hops to the brew. It’s that first whiff you get when everything starts to mix together. Needless to say, I was intrigued. Mix that freshness of hops with the earthy flavor of grain and the smell is pretty damned great.

The taste – while good – didn’t live up to the experience of my nose, however. It was good, but pretty straight forward in its bitterness and hop profile. There was an immediate taste of pine, probably from the Simcoe hops, and then it settled into a nice bitter middle and finish. Makes sense with 68 IBUs.

Overall, I’d definitely have this beer again, if only for the glass

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