New Belgium’s Cocoa Mole

Now this is more like it.

After trying a somewhat lacking beer from New Belgium’s Lips of Faith series, their latest offering makes up for it. Last night I had their Cocoa Mole beer, which sports an 87 on Beer Advocate.

I had this beer with homemade three-bean ancho chile … chili, which worked out perfectly. While the chili was made pretty mild, I think the beer helped being out some of the spiciness of the food, while the chili brought out more of the chocolate flavor from the beer. A great pairing.

What struck me most about this beer was the smell. On first whiff, cinnamon and sweet chocolate is right there. I liked it a lot because it wasn’t like the chocolate smell you may get from nibs or similar to Sam Adams’ Chocolate Bock. The chocolate smelled like a chocolate bar. Mix that with the cinnamon and its more or less a great winter beer. But then the chilis kick in.

The taste was more of the same from the smell – great chocolate flavor upfront and the finish was a light spiciness. I actually would have liked more heat or spice, but it worked out well as it was. I’m a big fan of Rogue’s Chipotle Ale and have my own jalapeno ale fermenting right now, but the amount of chile flavor from this beer was certainly made to be more appealing to a wide audience. It’s sweet, but not nearly sweet enough to offend and I had no problem drinking the 22-ounce bottle.

The best part was for just under $6, but is one of the more affordable brews from the Lips of Faith series and one of the better offerings.



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