Dogfish’s Tweason’ale

I have never read anything good about a gluten-free beer. If anyone was going to do it, it would naturally be Dogfish.

Tweason’ale is their spin on the popular(?) effort to brew gluten-free beer and what they ended up with was something easily drinkable that didn’t make me think about what wasn’t in the brew. Looks like many people agree with me – it has a 84 on Beer Advocate. I had this bottle with homemade strawberry shortcake, because, well, it made sense. Neither made the other taste better, but both were good, for what it’s worth.

The beer pours a nice, clear, golden color. Very similar to a pilsner or blonde. It definitely has the look of a good summer beer. The smell offers even more along these lines. Since it’s brewed with strawberries and honey, those aspects stick out the most. I can’t recall ever having a beer featuring strawberry as a flavor, and for this beer in particular it works out great. The smell is never too much and improves the strawberry flavor.

From what I’ve read, the biggest knock against gluten-free beers is a lack of a true “beer” taste. Dogfish has seemingly gone around that by supplementing the lesser “beer” taste with a great balance of strawberry. Nothing about the flavor is offensive – rather it pairs very nicely with the beer, which almost tastes like a light beer. I could easily see Dogfish taking their recipe for Lawnmower and working from that for Tweason’ale. In both the smell and taste, the honey adds just a touch of sweetness at the very end.

The beer is very crisp and smooth to drink. It would make a perfect summer beer, really. I don’t know how long it’ll stick around stores, but it’s a shame it debuts in January and not June.

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