Fullsteam’s First Frost

This bottle is from one of my favorite NC breweries – Fullsteam. It’s currently got an 88 on Beer Advocate. Along with what’s kegged at their brewery, they only did 2,400 bottles of the brew.

First Frost is a winter ale brewed with persimmons. The 2011 version featured about 400 pounds of locally-picked fruit in the brew – last year’s was only about 75. What I like about this beer – and many others from Fullsteam – is a non-Belgian, Belgian kind of beer. First Frost is what you expect a winter ale with warm tones, but the Belgian yeast Fullsteam uses gives it a very unique taste when mixed with the persimmons.

The smell of the beer was similar to a dubbel, but at 9.1% ABV, the alcohol wasn’t too heavy. On the flip side, you can taste the gravity, but it’s not off-putting at all. This year’s version of the beer is much sweeter than last year, but in a good way. The slight sweetness of the fruit in the beer balances the alcohol and typical Belgian flavor. Having never had persimmons before having this beer, I have no idea what they taste like but it seems good to me.



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