The Bruery’s 4 Calling Birds

A special beer for a special occasion. For the Christmas Eve dinner with me and The Missus I opened the bottle of The Bruery’s 4 Calling Birds. It’s currently got an 86 on Beer Advocate.

I was pretty excited for this beer because I’ve appreciated The Bruery from afar for a while, enjoying an occasional beer, but not having a bottle to myself. I think they’ve done a great job of expanding (and brewing) the last few years, so I thought this would be a great time to try one of their on-going seasonal Christmas beers. 4 Calling Birds is (obviously) their fourth issue on their 12 Days of Christmas theme. This beer is a wonderful Xmas ale, complete with great gingerbread smell and taste.

If I had to give this beer a single category, it would be gingerbread. It’s kind of like taking a porter and dipping it in a gingerbread cookie with a hint of fruitiness. It’s a very smooth smell and taste. For being 11 percent ABV, there’s nothing offensive about this beer at all. I drank all 22 ounces myself and really enjoyed the whole bottle. I let the second serving sit a while to warm and the gingerbread taste/smell improved quite a bit. Really good.

What I liked the most about the beer was having it with a special Christmas Eve dinner. The Missus and I had Tofurkey and various vegetables, so I thought the spiciness of the beer would work well. It did. Nothing overpowered each other, and I think that 4 Calling Birds would work even better with real meat – especially turkey or chicken.

I had a glass of the beer with a gingerbread cookie for dessert and it was great. Both balanced each other out perfectly as you’d imagine. 4 Calling Birds is easily among my favorite Christmas beers and the better winter seasonals I’ve had.

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